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Shipping Tips:

  • Use Flat rate shipping boxes from USPS
  • FEDEX, UPS are additional shipping options
  • If possible, pay extra for insurance tracking and signature delivery, especially if you are shipping more than two boxes at a time
  • Keep a list of the items and value of the items you are shipping
  • Write a separate letter to your family notifying them when they may expect a box to be delivered
  • Order online items and have them shipped direct


Holiday Box Ideas:

  • recipes and ingredients for your family’s favorite holiday meal
  • paper plates, cups, napkins, utensils for family gatherings
  • holiday decorations
  • cookware
  • crock pot
  • kitchen towels
  • Child-friendly snacks
  • small (preferably new) gift for each family member
  • holiday stocking with small gifts
  • to capture holiday memories
  • picture frames, album
  • family games, puzzles, card games
  • holiday basket (fruit or nonperishable snacks)
  • family movies
  • Calendar
  • exercise equipment
  • Jump ropes
  • Music
  • jackets
  • shoes/boots/slippers warm clothing
  • warm clothing
  • scarves/hats
  • gloves/mittens
  • ear muffs
  • socks
  • thermal underwear
  • sweaters
  • flannel pajamas/bath robe
  • winter coats
  • blankets
  • bedding
  • flannel sheets
  • lap throw blankets
  • lotions
  • new toothbrush and toothpaste
  • hand sanitizer, tissues and other items to help reduce sickness
  • paper, pens and pencils for student returning to school
  • books for each family member
  • magazine subscriptions
  • stationary, envelopes and stamps to write to sponsor





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