COVID-19 Resources

The pandemic was difficult for everyone, and it was even more difficult for those already facing daily financial strains like the ones we help at The Box Project. Our recipient families living in a constant state of unknown due to the harsh realities and financial stresses of living in rural poverty were hit even harder by the obstacles posed by the pandemic. This is why it is so important for The Box Project to connect these struggling families with people who can help get them back on their feet, financially and emotionally.

As Covid surges in Mississippi Delta, food banks and hospitals are stretched thin




The Box Project’s mission is to encourage and enrich the lives of families and individuals living in rural poverty by establishing meaningful relationships, promoting education, and offering material aid.

Participating in The Box Project’s “Family Match Program” supports our mission by getting the increasing number of families living in rural poverty the help they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a more secure and promising future for generations to come.